PR: Continually Shifting

You’d need to stay up all night to read all the articles on PR, marketing and content strategy that come at you during the course of one day.

Occasionally, a short video manages to sum things up neatly. I found this piece on the evolution of PR, produced by Critical Mention featuring Lynn Appelbaum of CUNY, to be interesting and digestible. 

The Evolution of Public Relations from Critical Mention on Vimeo.

Principle takeaways:

  • PR practice shifting rapidly; and now more than ever, it is about engagement and storytelling.
  • PR’s traditional earned territory is shifting into that of social media. I.e. Have I, “earned the right to be shared across social media?”
  • Messages must be communicated fast: in 6 seconds on Vine or Twitter; 60 seconds on YouTube and 6 mins for deeper blog content.
  • PR has also shifted in to the territory of advertising through sponsored content and branded advertising:

"Instead of PR agencies intersecting with ad agencies, advertising is now being incorporated into PR agencies themselves in order to help them develop ‘native content’."

"it is therefore incumbent on PR professionals to stay in touch with trends, which are often changing everyday."

To keep up, Prof Appelbaum recommends that all PR practitioners read:

I would agree, although add the following:

I find it easiest to follow publications via a Facebook newsfeed, that way you needn’t clutter up your Twitter account with excessive follows.

Use this handy tool ( Pocket ) to save up articles and read them later.

New photo Tumblr

Sifting through scans of slides that I’ve shot over the last five or six years has made me realize how lucky I’ve been to travel so extensively. I’ve never really taken the time to share any of these shots with more than a few people close to me, but, with the simplicity of getting photographs online for all to see, coupled with the almost complete disappearance of film, I thought it was time. I hope you enjoy them.

Eggnog holiday indulgence at the Pick Up!

On the evening of December 19th, Szef Bartek and I organized the Dep’s last event of 2012, a celebration of eggnog and holiday indulgence. Here’s a snippet of what I posted on :

On Wednesday night, our congregation of eggnog worshipers and disciples of Yule time indulgence gathered for holiday communion. And, it is safe to say, that Szef Bartek delivered on a characteristically weighty promise: that is, by laying on the thickest, creamiest and most indulgent eggnog to be seen this side of the 49th parallel.

The Szef

Olivia, my friend and the Dep baker, was also on hand to make some rocking eggnog iced cupcakes, traditional mince pies and festive shortbread:

Ryan, Alex and Matt:

Happy holidays!